This Octoberfest we’re bringing back all the traditional jams! Hear some cultural classics from the Shotskis and PolkaMeisters as we celebrate the sound of German, Italian, Slovenian, Polka, and more! Ein prosit!


Hans, Franz and the boys look forward to entertaining you!  The Shotskis deliver German classics, fun party songs and great showmanship and energy. Led by Joey Tomsick, with great vocals by Hank Guzel, and great musicianship by the band, the Shotskis have been a mainstay in Cleveland since 1984. They have won numerous awards from the National Cleveland Style Polka Hall of Fame and have performed on tour throughout the U.S., Germany, Austria, and Slovenia. So raise your stein and sing along with Joey and the Shotskis!

Band Members include Joey Tomsick, Hank Guzel, Jr., and Phil Hrvatin.

Live all weekend on the Main Stage


Guaranteed to get you up and out of your seats with classic Polka, The PolkaMeisters are a Pittsburgh-based Party Polka Band! They play traditional German, Italian, Slovenian, Irish and Polish Polkas and Waltzes, unexpected polka beats of pop hits, and covers of timeless classics!!  

Band Members include Accordion Player Joe Lege, Clarinetist Jackie Hooper, Tuba Player Martin Thomas, and Drummer Steve Trettel.

Live all weekend on the Main Stage

DJ John Shea

Returning Octoberfest DJ, John Shea, will be joining our event again this year! John plays a great variety of all music genres and gets the crowd excited to dance and sing along with his twist on Octoberfest music.

Live all weekend on the Main Stage

D’Lustigen Isartaler Bavarian Dancers

The G.T.E.V. (Gebirgs Trachten Erhaltungs Verein) D’Lustigen Isartaler are a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit organization (club) created to promote, and foster among its members a genuine love for Bavarian & Austrian traditions, customs, folk dancing, singing and camaraderie, and to uphold and display original authentic Bavarian Tracht (regional clothing); and to support other German & Austrian organizations in their effort to do the same. We have been an active club doing this in Pittsburgh since 1972, which began at Saint Anthony’s (German) Catholic Church in Millvale, North Hills, and officially incorporating in 1975. Now over 40 years later, they have members from all over Pittsburgh and the surrounding area.

Live all weekend on the Dance Floor