After traveling to the original Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany and experiencing firsthand the amazing sense of community that Oktoberfest created among the people of Munich and tourists alike, Sprankle’s Saxonburg Owner Doug Sprankle was inspired to bring a bit of Bavaria back home to Pennsylvania. The first order of business for the inaugural event was to Americanize the name of the festival to Octoberfest, since the original is often imitated but can never truly be duplicated.

Octoberfest began as a one-day food and beer festival in 2019 at a wedding venue in Leechburg, PA and quickly grew over the next few years, amassing over 36,000 guests over the course of the festival weekend in 2023 at the Saxonburg Volunteer Fire Company Carnival Grounds.

Sprankle’s Octoberfest is an annual celebration of community. Every year is a one-of-a-kind festival experience of local vendors, sponsors and musicians. Rich in history, Sprankle’s Octoberfest is a chance to gather, celebrate, and appreciate friends. A time to enjoy a weekend of amazing food, beer, and live entertainment! Join us, raise a glass, and enjoy the festival!