Vendor FAQs

Answering your vendor questions about our new location, 2024 vendor categories and more!

Where will Octoberfest be held in 2024?

Octoberfest 2024 will be held at our brand new location, Sprankle Woods, 340 Riemer Road, Sarver, PA 16055.

Why is Octoberfest moving?

We’ve outgrown our space at the Saxonburg Volunteer Fire Company Carnival Grounds. SVFC is doing some upgrades to the Carnival Grounds, and unfortunately, that means we will be losing some of our usable space. We are continuing to grow, so ultimately we need more space, not less!

What are the vendor fees for 2024?

The following charts outline the vendor fees for Octoberfest 2024. Each chart includes the cash/check discounted fee and the online fee for vendors who would prefer to pay online. Vendors who submit their application and payment on or before March 1 will receive 10% off their vendor fees regardless of payment method.


12′ x 10′$200$225
24′ x 10′$350$375
36′ x 10′$575$600


12′ x 10′$500$525
24′ x 10′$700$725
36′ x 10′$800$825
20′ or less
Greater than 20′


12′ x 10′$300$325
24′ x 10′$450$475
36′ x 10′$675$700
20′ or less
Greater than 20′
Are there any discounts for applying early?

There is a 10% Early Bird Discount if you submit your application and payment on or before March 1, 2024.

Will there be an admission fee for the Octoberfest grounds?

There is no admission fee for Octoberfest 2024.

Is there a deadline to apply to be a vendor?

The vendor application deadline is August 1, 2024. Any applications submitted after August 1 may not be accepted, or may be subject to an additional late processing fee. Vendors who are accepted after August 1 may not be listed on promotional materials, maps, and/or directories.

When is vendor set-up?

Vendor set-up is Thursday, September 5, 2024 from 10am to 6pm. Final touches are Friday, September 6, 2024 from 9am to noon. All exhibits must be fully installed by noon on Friday, September 6 and all personal vehicles must be off the Octoberfest grounds by 2pm on Friday, September 6. A more detailed vendor check-in process will be released closer to the date of the festival.

Craft/artist vendor, food vendor, snack vendor or non-profit vendor. Which one am I?
  • Craft/artist vendors sell handcrafted, natural, and/or artisanal decorative or functional items.
  • Food vendors sell food prepared on-site or ready for immediate consumption.
  • Snack vendors sell packaged-on-site or pre-packaged snack food items (i.e. candy, kettle corn, cookies, ice cream, shaved ice, etc.).
  • Non-profit vendors include non-profit organizations, school groups, and churches.
Is there a fee for non-profit vendors?

There will be a discounted fee for non-profit vendors to help cover the cost of utilities and maintenance. The following chart outlines the non-profit vendor fees for paying with cash or online. Please note that the 10% early bird discount does not apply to non-profit vendors since the fees are already heavily discounted.

12′ x 10′$50$75
24′ x 10′$100$125
36′ x 10′$150$175

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