Vendor FAQs

What’s the deal with Sportsman’s Fest?

In 2023, Sprankle’s is proud to once again be partnering with the Saxonburg Volunteer Fire Company to host Octoberfest. As part of that partnership, we help out with SVFC’s annual Sportsman’s Fest, which takes place in the same location as Octoberfest, the weekend after Octoberfest ends (September 15–16).

This year, SVFC approached Octoberfest in an effort to secure more artisan vendors for Sportsman’s Fest, and we thought this would give our vendors an excellent opportunity to double-dip on two jam-packed weekends in Saxonburg!

We have updated our Craft Vendor Application to include Octoberfest (by itself), Sportsman’s Fest (by itself), or both events at a discounted rate! Besides the benefit of two weekends of diverse events, one excellent plus is that both events are in the same location! That means that vendors will be permitted to leave their tents/tables/chairs on the grounds between the two events, saving set-up time (if they choose).

For more information, download our Craft Vendor Application here.

If you have any questions, please email them to

Are you offering indoor spaces this year?

This year, we have included indoor spaces as an option on our Craft Vendor Application.

Can I have the same space as last year?

The map layout is subject to change in 2023. We cannot guarantee that you will be placed in the same space as 2022. We will do our best to accommodate vendor requests, however, assignment of exhibit space is at the sole discretion of Sprankle’s and the Saxonburg Volunteer Fire Company.

Are there any discounts for applying early?

There is a 10% Early Bird Discount if you submit your application and payment on or before April 1, 2023.

Will there be an admission fee for the Octoberfest grounds?

Octoberfest 2023 is a free event for all!

Is there a deadline to apply to be a vendor?

The vendor application deadline is August 1, 2023. Any applications submitted after August 1 may not be accepted, or may be subject to an additional late processing fee. Vendors who are accepted after August 1 may not be listed on promotional materials, maps, and/or directories.

When is vendor set-up?

Vendor set-up is Thursday, September 7, 2023 from 10am to 6pm. Final touches are Friday, September 8, 2023 from 9am to noon. All exhibits must be fully installed by noon on Friday, September 8 and all personal vehicles must be off the Octoberfest grounds by 2pm on Friday, September 8. A more detailed vendor check-in process will be released closer to the date of the festival.

Craft/artist vendor, food vendor, or non-profit vendor. Which one am I?
  • Craft/artist vendors sell handcrafted, natural, and/or artisanal decorative or functional items.
  • Food vendors are any vendors who prepare and sell ready-to-eat food to the public.
  • Non-profit vendors include non-profit organizations, school groups, and churches.
Will there be vendor parking near the grounds?

Vendor parking will be available in the lot behind the Saxonburg Volunteer Fire Company ambulance building and in the general SVFC parking lot across Horne Avenue. More parking information will be available closer to the festival dates.

Will there be food/drink tickets for food vendors?

No, there will be no food or drink tickets. Prepared food vendors will be able to accept their preferred forms of payment.

Will security be provided outside of event hours (nights and early mornings)?

Yes, at least two private security officers will be present overnight on the Octoberfest grounds to oversee the vendor spaces.

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