Our Team

Ryan Sprankle — Head of Operations

Ryan got his start in the Sprankle’s family grocery business in 1998 while in high school. He continued working at his father’s store in Leechburg throughout his time at Shippensburg University until he graduated in 2003 and became Sprankle’s Operations Manager. In 2020, he became the owner of the Kittanning location. Aside from being the owner of the Sprankle’s Kittanning, Ryan is heavily involved in Sprankle’s social media presence, spearheading the Like & Share giveaway campaign, and has been involved in Sprankle’s Octoberfest since its inception in 2019. Ryan currently oversees operations for Octoberfest.

Brittany Lambermont — Event Coordinator

Brittany started out with Sprankle’s as an Octoberfest ambassador in June 2021, and was hired in July 2021 as the full-time event coordinator. Octoberfest is still her main squeeze, but she is also responsible for planning smaller scale Sprankle’s events throughout the year such as Beergiving, Stuff the #SaveOnMeat Bus, Campout for Community, all of the summer Pre-Mingles, and more.

Molly Nowakowski — Brand Ambassador

Molly has been a brand ambassador for Sprankle’s since the Saxonburg location opened in 2020. One of the original “Queens of Hustle,” she joined the Octoberfest ambassador team in the summer of 2021. Now you can find Molly and her husband Keith slinging giant Bavarian pretzels fresh from our wood-fired oven at most local Sprankle’s events, including Sprankle’s Pre-Mingles and the Saxonburg Mingle on Main throughout the summer.


Cameryn Sprankle

Assistant Brand Ambassador

Lexie Vigna

Assistant Brand Ambassador

Lindsay Sprankle

Merch Co-Meister

Tiffany Keffalas

Merch Co-Meister

Dan Harvey

Hounds & Grounds Meister

Eric Butler

Grounds Co-Meister

Phil “PK” Kelley

Grounds Co-Meister

Michael Beamer

Utilities Meister

Mike Krchelich

Raffle Meister

Dave Vicario

Sportsman’s Fest Meister

Kerri Kadyk

Parade Co-Meister

Joyce Hutterer

Parade Co-Meister

Rob Moser

Parade Co-Meister

Tim Gray

Tractor Co-Meister

Barry Blackburn

Tractor Co-Meister

Mayor Bill Gillespie

Saxonburg Bürgermeister

Leeanna Johnston

Pretzel Meister

Jack Weber

Meister of Readings

Helga Leonard

Hospitality Meister

Paul Rankin

Cornhole Meister

Maria Berzonski

Main Street Relations Meister

Chad Martin

Rotary Co-Meister

Jim Knapick

Rotary Co-Meister

Béla Pater

German Relations Meister

Kylie & Brad Troyan

Booze Meisters

Paul Donaldson

Health & Sanitation Meister

Scott Docherty

Fire Meister

Meghan Pohl

Minglefest Co-Meister

Bre Scheidt

Minglefest Co-Meister

Fred Caesar

Saxonburg History Meister

Karen Boltz

Salvation Army Co-Meister

Marlin Boltz

Salvation Army Co-Meister

Wendy Kovach

Fundraising Meister

Danielle Hite

Kinderland Meister

Mikey Hite

Motorcycle Club Meister

Past Fest Meisters

Maryann Dietrich

Hounds & Grounds Co-Meister — 2022

George Suppers

Utilities Co-Meister — 2022

Ron Hawk

Utilities Co-Meister — 2022

Ross Sobot

Utilities Co-Meister — 2022

Jody Vettori

Community Relations Meister — 2023

Chuck Lewis

Saxonburg VFC Relations Meister — 2023

CJ Burns

IT Co-Meister — 2023

Garrett Burd

IT Co-Meister — 2023

Mark Burd

SVFC Beer Meister — 2023

Matthew “Ducky” Imhoff

Grounds Co-Meister — 2023